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No Surprises Impacts All Physicians in 2022

The “No Surprises” Act impacts all physicians in 2022! Beyond big changes for out-of-network (OON) billing, all practices need to prepare quickly as many requirements go into effect January 1, 2022

AdvantEdge Offers Physician Groups Valuable Insight about Optimizing Medical Billing

AdvantEdge announces the refresh of two core white papers, “How to Evaluate a Billing Company” and “In-house vs. a Medical Billing Company.” Both have been instrumental in helping specialty physician groups improve their medical billing results – and have recently been updated to reflect the latest industry trends.

Medical Billing News – August 2021

EFT Fees increasing, Covid vaccine booster reimbursement, Mental Health Parity still an issue, non-Covid healthcare utilization and more

Update on the Status of Surprise Billing Legislation, February 2020

After much inaction on Capitol Hill, while Congress was consumed with other political matters, major legislative action resumed in attempting to fix the patient surprise billing conundrum. What follows is a recap of the changes and quickly evolving nature of surprise billing legislation. Currently, three main bills are working their way through the House and…

“Flip’n Surgeons” –Calculating the Utilization Rate of Surgeons Who Flip Operating Rooms

By Joe Laden, Vice President Client Management                 Surgeons who “flip” ORs have two simultaneous operating rooms allocated to them and, therefore, have two anesthesiologists or two anesthesia care teams in these ORs.   For a very busy surgeon, this is usually good for the surgeon, hospital, and the anesthesiology group.   However,  some surgeons would like to…

CMS has Published the Physician Fee Schedule for 2020. The Time to Get Ready is Now.

By David Nicholson, Executive Vice President CMS has issued its final rule for the 2020 Medicare physician fee schedule, effective January 1. With the added complexity to billing and coding for physicians, how you manage the revenue cycle process for the practice is more important than ever.  For your convenience, I have summarized the major…

Some Healthcare Costs Are Going Down. Are yours?

By Joe Laden, Vice President of Client Management Overall healthcare costs have been rising over the years, due to factors such as the aging population and increased use of medical technology. The administration of healthcare reimbursement to providers accounts for a significant portion of healthcare costs, and some of these administrative costs have been decreasing…

The Healthcare Landscaping is Changing – Billing Services are the Safe Bet

By Brice Voithofer, Senior Vice President  Through continuous process improvement (CPI) successful companies constantly re-evaluate their business process to assure they are running their business in the most effective, efficient, and innovative manner. Medical practices are no different and must adapt to the ever-changing landscape to survive long-term. Companies that thrive are the ones that…

Customer Service Should be an AdvantEdge in Your Practice

We all know the importance of customer service as it relates to patient experience and satisfaction with physician services in today’s healthcare environment.  Patients rank their satisfaction with the physician services in surveys by the practice, in the CMS Fee-For-Service CHAPS survey, and by other private survey companies like J.D. Powers, for example. Patients will…

Infographic – AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions – Corporate

AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions is a national top 10 medical billing company that provides billing, coding, and revenue cycle management solutions for specialty medical group practices since 1967.   If you have questions about how AdvantEdge can improve your billing and coding so that you are collecting every dollar that you’re legally and ethically entitled, please call…

Surprise Billing Legislation is Gaining Traction with an Unknown Future for Physicians

By David Nicholson, Executive Vice President Surprise medical bills occur when an insured patient unintentionally receives care from an out-of-network provider. And, according to a 2018 survey conducted by the University of Chicago, more than half of Americans (57%) have received at least one unexpected medical bill that they believed was covered by insurance. The topic of…

Study Shows Surprise Medical Bills due to Excess Charges

Consumer Reports found 30% of patients with private insurance received a “surprise” medical bill from 2014 through 2015. According to a recent JAMA study, this is most likely due to the large number of physicians providing out-of-network services to a patient at an in-network facility and billing patients for the costs beyond what insurance will pay.